Our Matterport 3D Tours provide an immersive experience; in which the prospective client feels like they are physically exploring their future home. The tours are intuitive in their simplicity and can be viewed from virtually any device with internet access.
The visitor is able to choose between dollhouse and overhead views or go on a fully interactive walk-thru tour. In the tour they move throughout the space by clicking on the highlighted scan spots located on the floor. Once on a spot the view can be rotated a full 360 degrees, panned up & down, or zoomed. The user goes wherever they want (as long as there is a scan spot), take as long as they want, and look as close as they want.
Measurement Mode allows visitors to measure items within the tour, such as; walls, doors, windows, counters, etc.
An online 3D virtual tour does not require scheduling an appointment, or use of an employee’s time and is open 24/7. They are incredibly convenient and are the ultimate  in social distancing.


  - We include three (3) months of online hosting, then offer extensions in a variety of time segments; to meet clients’ needs without costing more than is necessary. For prices see Terms & Conditions below.
- A hyperlink to the online web address to the 3D Tour is most often delivered within one day. The hyperlink can be distributed through email, posted on a website, printed on brochures, attached to on-site signage, etc.
- There are 2 to 3 exterior 360° images included at no cost (weather permitting).
- We take scans from the corners of the rooms, wherever possible. Thus having the option to capture HDR quality photos from within the 3D Tour. Which can be used as a 'limited' photo package, or to supplement our HDR photo service. The photos are in JPEG format and are sent in print, presentation or web resolutions.
- It can be hosted online long term for rentals, VRBO, Airbnb, commercial, spas, etc.
- We can produce a 2D B&W floor plan from a 3D Tour, with or without measurements. These ARE NOT RMS compliant plans, dimensions or measurements. They can take up to two (2) business days to deliver. The cost is $29.
- Mattertags, which are title and text descriptions anchored to a point inside the Tour. They are used to spotlight and/or call attention to specific features. Up to 25 Mattertags are included.
- Each tour can be activated or de-activated as necessary, with the only cost being any applicable online hosting fees.
- Online 3D Tours reach a wider audience and are especially effective when appealing to prospective clients from out of town.
- We generate weekly traffic reports for each 3D Tour. These are distributed by email Monday mornings.

- All 3D Virtual Tours include above grade floors and below grade developed areas. Attached garages and below grade undeveloped areas are included, if no additional charge.

- Results delivered within one business day. (Matterport floor plans within 2 business days)

- HDR Photo & 3D Tour prices are based on up to 3,000 square foot properties...above-grade. Add $0.02 per square foot for over-sized houses.

- Service area is within 44 km of Edmonton City centre. This includes; Nisku, Leduc, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. Travel outside of the service area to be billed at $0.55 / km for additional mileage.


One Month                           : $7.99

3 Months ( $7.33/Month )  : $ 21.99

6 Months ( $6.66/Month ) : $ 39.99

Annual ( $5.83/Month )     : $ 69.99

- We have comprehensive insurance coverage which includes both E&O and General Liability.

- We are fully covered by WCB.

- Prices do not include GST.

- Regular prices and specifications are subject to change at any time, without notice.

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